Chem Dawg Oil Cartridge

Chem Dawg – Vape Cartridge

Chem Dawg Hybrid

Taste: Pungent & Citrusy
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Product Description

Chem Dawg Oil Cartridge

Chem Dawg Oil Cartridge. These quality cartridges comes in a great range of strains with high THC as well as CBD Some choices, included are: Chem dawg oil cartridges, Gorilla Glue #4 oil Vape cartridges,  quality Grand Daddy purple Vape pen Cartridges, Best Grade jeremy fish tanks vape cartridges. We also have some great choices such as; Cali-O, Jack Herer, Trainwreck, Skywalker OG, King Louie OG,  and Three Kings. The our varieties of cartridges are available mostly in 1G sizes. Our price rates are affordable for all. More So we offer discount rates for huge/large quantities at Carrel Weed dispensary. Note that for the THC percentages  or levels, it goes up to about 70% of THC with respect to the given range/quantity/volume/range.

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