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Solventless live rosin concentrate 

Our full blossom live rosin concentrate is marijuana in its most flawless structure, new frozen at the pinnacle of reap and separated with no brutal compound solvents – nothing added, not much. This spotless cycle protects all the normally happening cannabinoids and terpenes for a high strength impeccably adjusted full blossom insight.

Live Rosin Concentrate is intentionally created in little clusters utilizing zero synthetic substances or solvents to deliver a cleaner, great solventless concentrate. Genuinely “Full Spectrum,” Live Rosin contains the full terpene and cannabinoid profile exceptional to the cultivar utilized, precisely addressing the profile of the strain. Upon reap, “Live” plants are quickly frozen new to protect the phytochemical properties, then, at that point, washed in ice water to isolate the trichome heads from plant material. The subsequent Ice Water Bubble Hash is dried out and precisely squeezed to extricate the oil from inside trichome heads.

Live Rosin Concentrate – Top-level plants.

Every marijuana assortment utilized for our solventless concentrate items has been hand-chosen and checked by our extraction group for great attributes and exceptional terpene profiles.

Live Rosin Concentrate – Full Spectrum oil.

Solventless Concentrates are Full Spectrum items, meaning they mirror the weed plant’s full unique phytochemical cosmetics, including its normally inferred cannabinoids and terpenes.

What Is Live Rosin?

Live rosin is the furthest down the line frenzy to clear the weed concentrate market. They will more often than not be the most costly item per gram at dispensaries. Is it worth the publicity? All things considered, there are positively no solvents included. Also, makers make them with trichome and terpene-rich plants. Then, at that point, makers need to filter and press those plants for more modest, greater yields. So you pay for how much work and the nature of the beginning materials when contrasted with all the more greatly created butane hash oils.

NO solvents / cutting agents used.

Rather than utilizing butane, propane or CO2 (carbon dioxide), we use ice, water, hotness and strain to pull the resinous oils from Ice Water Bubble Hash. 100 percent solventless weed inferred cannabinoids and terpenes, all filled in our Ohio nursery; NO cutting specialists – like CBD separate or distillate – are utilized to follow Ohio’s strength limitations.

  • Made with Firelands Scientific’s Sungrown Cannabis
  • Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract
  • Just the Plant’s Natural Compounds: No Chemical Solvents Used
  • Cultivar Specific and Unique Variety Combinations
  • THC Rich and Mixed Ratio Formulations
*Note: Per Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) guidelines, Live Rosin Concentrate may not surpass in excess of 590 milligrams of THC. Moreover, THC should make up something like 85% of the weed item’s all out synthesis. [Packaging weight might fluctuate per group to give patients greatest allowed potency.

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